Our mission is to deliver the greatest moments in esports - for the fans, the players and the brands. Together we will advance esports from a sub-culture phenomena to the recognition of a mass audience.


RFRSH Entertainment is an esports marketing and media rights company working with a growing number of the best esports teams - established organisations as well as a new crop of player-owned teams. We are the professional force behind the teams that builds their brand and enhances sports performance to accel teams into top placements. We represent the team’s commercial and media rights, connecting them with the top brands in the world for sponsorships and marketing agreements.

We create the best possible conditions for our teams so that they can concentrate on being the very best esports athletes and hence deliver the greatest moments for fans and sponsors, both in-game and off-game.


RFRSH Entertainment is backed by technology venture capital firm Sunstone and private investors within the gaming, technology, and media/entertainment industries. Early private investors include René Rechtman (Disney/Maker Studios, AOL/Goviral) and Tommy Ahlers (Citrix/Podio).

The team

The team behind RFRSH Entertainment is a mix of experienced “native” esports professionals and players, alongside execs with a proven track record from the media, entertainment and sports industries. Together they represent deep know-how and experience in the industry and the challenges that lies within the biggest and fastest growing sub-culture on earth.