Godsent in search of a new head coach


GODSENT is seeking a Head Coach with good knowledge of the Swedish and international CS:GO scene to continue development of a refreshed roster into a title contender.


  1. Tactical understanding of CS:GO.
  2. Experience with coaching or team leadership – esports or otherwise – is preferable.
  3. Geographical closeness to Stockholm/Uppsala is preferable.
  4. You need to be ambitious, methodical and willing to learn on the fly in a constantly challenging environment.
  5. English and Swedish speaking.


1. The Head Coach of GODSENT reports to the Sports Director at RFRSH.

2. The Head Coach is the overall authority of the roster and has the power to change the starting roster after conferring with the Sports Director.

3. The Head Coach is responsible for:

a. Setting expectations and goals for the team and individual players together with the Sports Director.

b. Designing and coordinating the training programme and schedule together with the team sports psychologist and physical trainer.

c. Taking ownership for the results of the roster.

d. Developing the players’ individual skills and mentality.

e. The tactical development of the team.

f. Being honest and open towards the players regarding:

i.   Expectations

ii.  Roles in the team

iii. The players’ individual levels and areas for improvement

4. On a coaching level we expect:

a. Know the weak and strong side of the players

b. Know how to improve the weak sides and further develop strong aspects

c. Be a source of inspiration and leadership

d. Individual training of standard situations.


1. Support of all kinds to help creating great performance:

a. Performance optimization model and tools.

b. Sports psychologist, physical training programme, etc.

c. Handling of clothing, merchandise, logistics, etc.

2. First class coach education system.


Fill out your basics, so we an idea who you are.

If we like your profile, we will invite you to do a one-way video interview that you can schedule at any time from your computer or phone.

Finally, we will ask you to fill in a competence profile questionnaire and schedule a face to face interview with us.

Formed by the legendary captain Markus “Pronax” Wallsten, Swedish GODSENT has established themselves in the international top 20 with the aim to reach top 10 in 2017. Besides being top athletes in international CS:GO, the sympathetic fan favourites very obviously enjoy fan-interaction and always have a great time when meeting the public. The GODSENT roster combines Rock n Roll with a sympathetic, relaxed, Down to Earth attitude, perfect for any setting.

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