BLAST Pro Series - Copenhagen 24th/25th Nov

New Live Event, Groundbreaking Format:
BLAST Pro Series kicks off in Royal Arena, Copenhagen, on 24th/25th November 2017

● New Global Tournament, new electrifying format, 6 of the Worlds’ Best Teams

● Group stage matches live in the arena, 3 simultaneous matches, Red Zone Main Screen

● The audience and fans in focus - Counter-Strike as you have never seen it before!

● Developed and produced together with PGL and Anders Blume

● 250.000 dollars prize pool

Together with the world’s leading esports and live event producers, RFRSH Entertainment introduces a new, compact, game changing world series in CS:GO (Counter-Strike): BLAST Pro Series!

The first live tournament will take place in Copenhagen on 24th-25th November in the brand new Royal Arena. In this state-of-the-art arena, six of the world’s best CS:GO teams will compete in a new, riveting live format designed with the respect for the players, sport and the audience, who will witness a live Counter-Strike Event as never before!

Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO of RFRSH Entertainment comments:

We are proud to present this esport mega-event and we have great expectations to the continuous development of esports as live entertainment on a global scale. We have received strong support from the Region and the City of Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen and the Danish Government, and our ambition is to set new standards for competitive live entertainment in an inclusive and inventive format.

Jordi Roig, CCO and Event Responsible at RFRSH Entertainment looks forward to introducing the new format to the scene:

We have worked on the development of a new, energetic and audience-friendly format for more than 6 months. Based upon the input from a range of teams and top players from around the globe, together with PGL esports, Room on Fire’s Anders Blume, partners and fans, we have refined a format, which we believe will improve the live-experience significantly.

We work with the best of the best and some of the most experienced stakeholders in CS:GO, including both traditionalists and the creative minds. With deep roots in the esports traditions, BLAST Pro Series is new, inventive, fun, compact, top quality live entertainment, opening the scene to a non-core audience, who has been passively watching from the outside for way too long, says Roig.

We want to push the limits for how CS:GO is produced with the audience experience in focus. This is why we have joined forces with PGL eSports on the production side: We want to secure an exceptional high quality at the event and PGL is without a doubt the most innovative esports production company out there! With the experience from producing the last 3 consecutive Dota2 Majors for Valve and being chosen to produce the CS:GO Krakow Major, PGL is the perfect partner.

Anders Blume, Executive Consultant: BLAST Pro Series will break the boundaries.

As an Executive Consultant, Room on Fire’s Anders Blume has been heavily involved in the development of the BLAST Pro Series concept. He is thrilled about the event, tournament format and series:

For me the opportunity to work with RFRSH helping to bring BLAST Pro Series to life is an amazing one. 3I have almost 5 years of working at esports around the world and I can not wait to finally be involved in the creative side of this exploding market. I have a lot of crazy ideas that normally get shut down in the regular esports landscape, BLAST Pro Series offers a unique chance to break the boundaries and push things forward.

The fact that our production partner in this adventure is PGL also means that a lot of our ideas and wishes can be fulfilled to a level previously unimagined. This format is action packed and has great potential to get a more non-core crowd into it while still being true to the game and scene.

Silviu Stroie, CEO PGL esports: We combine the beauty and competitiveness of the game.

As the executive producer of the live event, also PGLeSports plays a vital role in the development of the event and presentation. Silviu Stroie, CEO of PGL, believes BLAST Pro Series will combine the strengths of esport as competitive live entertainment in a new and exciting way:

Esports is always changing and with it the needs of pro-players and fans alike. Tournaments need to highlight the beauty of competitive gaming in a professional setting and at the same time deliver premium entertainment.

We believe BLAST Pro Series will combine all these elements into a new kind of event and we are excited to show the results of our work with RFRSH this November, says Silviu Stroie.

New format - Everybody wins.

Limiting the total number of teams to 6 and playing most of the group stage matches live on stage in the arena enables fans, partners and broadcasters to plan ahead and secures optimal exposure for the teams. The group stage matches will be played 3 matches at a time, on screen in the arena, with one main match on Red Zone Main Screen. The audience can choose the sound in own headsets throughout the group matches, and the final will be played in best of 3 format in front of a full packed arena.

Jordi Roig explains:

Today, it’s impossible for the fans, partners, broadcasters and teams to know who’s playing the mainstage, and who has already left the city, when the big games go live. We want to change this and focus even more on the live experience.

The fans are certain to see their favourites live on stage, and they will get even closer to the Stars and the total CS:GO experience.This is going to be a game changer when it comes to competitive live entertainment, says Roig.

Teams, ticket sales information and the full schedule for BLAST Pro Series, Copenhagen on 24th (separate VIP event) and on 25th November in Royal Arena will be announced at a later stage. The Arena will hold a total capacity of approximately 10.000 for the event, where all teams will be playing on stage in the arena on Saturday 25th November.

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