Norse to split up; leave RFRSH

The Norwegian number 1 CS:GO-team is set to part ways and will thereby also terminate relations with RFRSH Entertainment. A decision made in co-operation between the team and RFRSH Entertainment.

Morten Vollan, Founder and in-game leader in Norse:

As a team, we will be parting ways with no bad feelings. We fought and worked hard, but we never got the breakthrough we all strived and worked hard for, and sometimes it is necessary to make the hard decisions in order to be able to move on. 
In this connection we will naturally also part ways with RFRSH Entertainment, who we worked closely with over the past 6 months. It has been a very positive experience to work with a top professional organization like RFRSH and I would have loved to take the next steps with the organization.
Personally, I will be staying in the industry but most likely in a coach/coaching role, but for now I want to thank the team, RFRSH, the fans and everybody who have supported us.

Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO of RFRSH Entertainment:

We have had a constructive and positive dialogue with Morten and Norse, and despite their and our efforts, we have not been able to meet our common ambitions for the team. Therefore we support the wish and have made this decision together with Morten and the team.
Together with the teams and the individual players, we set the targets and map out the way to meet the common goals. With Norse, we have taken steps and moved in the right direction, but for many reasons the team did not wish to continue as a team, and as we did not expect or foresee significant improvements, we have worked with Morten and the team to find the best way for all to move on.
We have great respect for all the members of Norse, and we will support Morten in his ambition to take on a coaching career. We wish all the best for all the players and thank them for a positive relationship.

RFRSH Entertainment cooperates with Astralis, Heroic and GODSENT.

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